What are your needs in terms of giving your work a lift?

Each business has its own particular needs, and the Trolley is simply the base unit. We know that no two workplaces are the same, and we’re ready to solve your particular lifting needs.

Just tell us how we can meet your needs and give your work an extra lift.

Your needs in focus

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We’ll be more than happy to draw up a solution that matches your particular needs. Send us pictures, drawings or call us, so that we can prepare a proposal for a solution that meets the needs of your business.

Case Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

The head of working environment at CPH contacted us to inform us that one of their departments, Facility Services, had issues due to problematic lifting operations:

“On a typical night shift, a group of employees from Facility Services move an average of 50 tables and 150 chairs. They work in many different areas in the airport, including the lounge, where large, heavy and unwieldy designer furniture has to be moved”.

We received pictures of the different types of furniture, including photos and dimensions of the 35-kg heavy lounge furniture and sofa sets weighing more than 50 kg. Based on these pictures and dimensions, we drew up a proposal for Facility Services, and shortly afterwards they were presented with a successful solution.

“The Trolley has helped us achieve a better working environment and eliminated the need for lots of heavy lifting – particularly in the morning, when we’re tired, the Trolley is a great help.”

Facility Services, CPH

Your needs in focus

We are happy to work out a solution that fits your needs, send us pictures, drawings or call us so that we can prepare a proposal for a solution that supports your business.


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We develop and manufacture products for improving the physical work environment. Our drive derives
from a sincere wish- and interest in preventing work-related injuries, combined with the will and ability to
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