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Nomotec shortlisted for the Danish Design Award 2021

Nomotec’s Trolley has been shortlisted for the Danish Design Awards in the category “Better Work”, in which this year’s jury will select the finalists. The Trolley will be assessed by a jury panel composed of prominent and key people within design, architecture, sustainability and engineering.
“We are incredibly happy and proud to be shortlisted. We are also humbled to know that there have been particularly many submissions in our category this year with entries of very high quality, ”says Klaus Brock, director of Nomotec.

The Trolley is an electric trolley incorporating a lift system that can lift and transport loads of up to 120 kilos.

Created to improve physical working environments that require heavy lifting, pulling and pushing, the Trolley improves working conditions and thereby reduces sickness absence and wear and tear of employees. The Trolley can also save time and hassle for Fire and Rescue Services, as it can operate with a heavy load quickly and on uneven ground, such as transporting four hose reels or hydraulic scissors to open crashed cars at a scene of an emergency.

Improving the working environment and saving time, and thereby money, is the very combination, amongst other factors, that earned the Trolley a spot on the shortlist.

New version for existing vehicles

The shortlisting for the award coincides with Nomotec cementing the foundation of its business through a strengthened group of owners.

Simultaneously, the latest version of the Trolley is ready to hit the market. The new version can be mounted on the back of a vehicle, saving space inside the car. This means that it can be used on existing vehicles. This new feature is very important, says Klaus Brock, who believes that all firefighters have the right to a good physical working environment.

“It isn’t enough to just integrate the Trolley on new vehicles to meet the need of replacing heavy lifting and towing. The entire industry needs to be able to transport gear, tools and other items quickly and efficiently to protect firefighters’ backs and bodies as well as to prevent injury, no matter what vehicle is used. That is why we have made a new version that can be mounted on most vehicles,” he says.

The updated Trolley is mounted on a lift rail and can be lowered from the car in less than two seconds. In a few seconds, it can be equipped with hose reels, tools or other gear.

Creates value and inspiration

The Trolley has been shortlisted for the Danish Design Award in the category “Better Work”.

The Trolley will be assessed on four criteria: economic impact, understanding of user needs, whether it is innovative and can create value and inspiration for others as well as the quality of the craft and design.

“We are very proud that our Trolley has been judged to meet the four criteria. We have made every effort to ensure that it is of the highest quality in terms of engineering and technology. We have also put a lot of work into the design, and we are delighted that it is being recognized. Of course, we hope that we go all the way and that the Trolley wins the design award, ”says Klaus Brock.

The jury will assess the shortlisted products in May. The award in the category “Better Work” has previously been won by companies such as ISS and Ørsted.

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