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Roadtrip i Tyskland

Roadtrip in northern GermanyWe participate in Domeyer's annual Roadtrip in northern Germany, where we present our Fire Trolley and Power Wagon to a large audience of professionals, together with, among others: Rosenbauer Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH Paratech Hubert...

Nomotec shortlisted for the Danish Design Award 2021

Nomotec’s Trolley has been shortlisted for the Danish Design Awards in the category “Better Work”, in which this year’s jury will select the finalists. The Trolley will be assessed by a jury panel composed of prominent and key people within design, architecture, sustainability and engineering.

“We are incredibly happy and proud to be shortlisted. We are also humbled to know that there have been particularly many submissions in our category this year with entries of very high quality, ”says Klaus Brock, director of Nomotec.b

Your extra emergency response team member

In order to function effectively in emergencies, firefighters’ training, teamwork and execution must come together at top speed to resolve any firefighting, rescue, road collision or other emergency situation that they are called upon to deal with.

In an emergency situation, every man counts and often there are not enough hands. This applies not only to those putting out the fire, but also to the rest of the team at the incident, such as those who change cylinders, carry hoses and protect the team and people nearby. Everyone plays a crucial role in ensuring that the emergency services can resolve incidents efficiently and quickly.

Mind your back!

In an emergency situation, it can be very difficult to be both fast and efficient, as well as being considerate of the physical strain on your body. But it is important that you do.

Overloading your back can have severe and long-lasting consequences for both your work as a firefighter and your overall quality of life, as it can lead to poor mobility, severe pain and ultimately time away from work. No one should have to experience that when it can be avoided.

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