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Push and pull

Push and pull

Push and pull

We can help with the loader tongues lifting, pushing and pulling you can have on a working day, with the right tool it can make your working days easier

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We’ll be more than happy to draw up a solution that matches your particular needs. Send us pictures and drawings so that we can prepare a proposal for a solution that meets the needs of your business.

We develop and manufacture products for improving the physical work environment. Our drive derives
from a sincere wish- and interest in preventing work-related injuries, combined with the will and ability to
transform ideas and needs into products.



About us

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Vi udvikler og fremstiller produkter til forbedring af det fysiske arbejdsmiljø. Drivkraften kommer fra et oprigtigt ønske om, og en interesse i, at forebygge arbejdsskader kombineret med vilje og evne til at omsætte ideer og behov til produkter.



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